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If you are new to inshore fishing you may not have heard of 12 Fathom and if you are a veteran you may have been wondering what happened to them. The good news is, 12 Fathom is back and is here to stay. With the new 12 Fathom you will find some of the old favorites, and some new baits that we know catch fish.


Fishing or Shrimping Light

Buy New 8" Fishing Lights Now Great for night time fishing or shrimping


Tiger ShadTiger ShadBuy Tiger Shads NowThe 4" Tiger Shad is the GO-TO bait for Tarpon. Available in 4 tantalizing colors.

Buzz Tail by 12 FathomBuzz TailThe Buzz Tail is one of the most versatile lures on the market today. The patented design allows you to fish it on the surface using a slow or fast retrieve. Don’t stop there, stick it on a 12 Fathom jig head or a weighted hook and you will get the same action under water as on the Buy Buzz Tails Nowsurface. It’s all in the tail. Available in the 4.5” and 6” sizes.

4" Snitch by 12 Fathom LuresSlam "R" by 12 Fathom LuresMany of our customers having been asking us to come out with a creature bait, so here it is. Boss Hawg - it's all ACTION!The SNITCH was designed with one thing in mind.....ACTION!!!!

Bugsy Grub by 12 Fathom luresBugsy Grub by 12 Fathom luresThe segmented body and paddle tail of the 4” Bugsy Grub give this bait a tremendous vibrating Buy Bugsy Grubs Nowaction. Great for snook, redfish and trout!!!!!!

Gambini Grub by 12 FathomGambini Grub by 12 Fathom LuresIf you want to catch fish, this bait will do all the work for you. The curl tail is loaded with fluttering action while the spring body creates a fall rate all its own. Stick this on a jig head Buy Gambini Grubs Nowcast it out and just reel, the 4.5” Gambini Grub will take care of the rest.

Fat Sam Mullet by 12 Fathom LuresFat Sam Mullet by 12 Fathom LuresAvailable 3” and 4” sizes, the Fat Sam has a streamlined body design combined with special plastic formulation to give this lure a thump all its own. Simple in looks with very unique Buy Fat Sam Mullets Nowhydrodynamic characteristics this swim bait is in a class of its own.

Shadzilla by 12 Fathom LuresShadzilla by 12 Fathom LuresAvailable in 3” and 4” sizes, this swim bait has a deep belly and a lifelike body design. This Buy Shadzillas Nowcombination gives the Shadzilla some extreme tail action.

Slam "R" by 12 Fathom Lures5" Slam RIf you have never thrown the 5” Slam “R”, you are missing something special. The segmented Buy Slam "R"s Nowbody and the split tail make this jerk bait irresistible.

Slam "R" by 12 Fathom LuresSlam "R" by 12 Fathom LuresJust like the 5" Slam "R", If you have never thrown the 6” Slam “R”, you are missing something special. The segmented Buy Slam "R"s Nowbody and the split tail make this jerk bait irresistible.

Scareface Shrimp by 12 Fathom LuresScareface Shrimp by 12 Fathom LuresA picture is worth a thousand words. From the tail, to the legs, to the body, the 4” Scarface Shrimp screams action. Fish it on a jig head or rig it on a hook in the middle of the body and Buy Scareface Shrimp Nowswim it like a shrimp.

12 Fathom Hats and Visors
12 Fathom Brand Apparel - Hats and Visors
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Ethan Harrell with a Jack caught on a 12 Fathom Clear Gold mullet

Ethan Harrell caught this Jack on a
12 Fathom Clear Gold mullet

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